Exotic Blendz - Grapefruit, Sativa, 10 Pack

Grapefruit was originally meant to capture the purest grapefruit aromatics in cannabis. A hybrid between the prized Reeferman's BC Sweet Pink Grapefruit cutting and a carefully selected Cinderella 99 male. It has an intense cerebral stone, a significant mood boost and a really sweet, almost slightly bitter, pungent aroma.

In this pack, you'll find 10 individual 0.5g expertly rolled pre-rolls with fresh indoor flower. All ready for you to take on an adventure or for ease when sharing with friends.

Total Cannabis Weight: 5g

Genetic Cross: C-99 x Sweet Pink Grapefruit

Flower - THC: 21.83% | CBD: 0.08% (Sativa)

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