Exotic Blendz - Durban Poison, Sativa, 10 Pack

Durban Poison will take you on a truly sativa journey with a clean racy psychoactive high so be prepared. A pure landrace sativa hailing from South Africa, this strain is uplifting, euphoric, and blissful as well as having a truly delicious flavor rich in tropical fruit and almost mint like notes. Durban Poison does have a tendency to have higher than normal THCV so it will help keep your appetite lower than usual and have a more traditional sativa high with less possibility of anxiety.

In this pack, you'll find 10 individual 0.5g expertly rolled pre-rolls with fresh indoor flower. All ready for you to take on an adventure or for ease when sharing with friends.

Total Cannabis Weight: 5g

Harvest Date: 10/25/2019

Cultivator: Revel Farms

Genetic Cross: South African Landrace

Flower - THC: 22.78% | CBD: 0.07% (Sativa)

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