Empower - White Label 4oz Soaking Salt

Infused with highly concentrated Empower Topical Relief Oil, our Soaking Salts are a luxurious blend of Epsom, Pink Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils and hemp-derived CBD extract cultivated using natural and sustainable methods. Aromatherapeutic essential oils, including Lavender and Bergamot, relax and soothe the senses. Empower Soaking Salts are designed to deliver full body relief by helping you to relax and melt the tension away.

Warning: Due to the nature of the application of this product, as hemp can still contain trace amounts of THC, a positive drug test may occur with use. However, this product does not cause intoxicating effects.

33.75 mg CBD per 4oz container

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