Echo Electuary - Goji OG, Sativa Hybrid, Live Resin THCA Crystals

Goji OG was created by a breeder who truly cares about their product, Bodhi Seeds. Hints of sweet black cherry, caramel and spice are tucked away behind a pungent tart red berry flavor. Goji will hit you between the eyes immediately and slowly fade into a traditional OG body high without the couch lock, especially these pure THCA crystals where the primarly content will turn into active THC (87% after decarboxylation) when vaporized causing the quick onset of a consistent heady, buzzy high. Even with the low terpene content there is still an intense aroma and flavor making this still pleasant to dab on it's own or add to combine with another extract.

About Echo Electuary - E•lec•tu•ar•y /I-lek-tju(e)ri/ a medicinal combination of honey and herbs to be licked by the tongue.

Inspired by the historical electuary, Echo Electuaries are herstory adaptations that craft only the most cared for, vibrant and local ingredients available.

1 gram
In Collaboration with: Evan Creek Farms

Genetic Cross: Nepali OG x Snow Lotus

THCA: 98.9% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 99.6% | Terpenes: 0.3% (Sativa Hybrid)

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