Ebb & Flow - Goji DC, CBD Hybrid, Greenhouse

Goji DC is a CBD balanced strain that took 1st Place at the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in the San Francisco for CBD concentrate as well as Cultivation Classic 2018 winner here in Oregon for Type 2 (Mixed CBD-THC Ratio) - "Outdoor & Greenhouse No Supplemental Light" through Ebb & Flow. The perfect blend of juxtaposed euphoric and sedative effects combined with the relief of CBD creates a true winner. Never sacrificing flavor for efficacy, this strain is a patients dream. Deep, bold aromatics of orange and mango shower your nose and tongue in juicy goodness.

Genetic Cross: Goji OG x AC/DC

Harvest Date: 10/23/19

THC: 11.7% | CBD: 10.41% | (CBD Hybrid)

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