East Fork - Sour Pineapple, CBD Sativa, Outdoor

Sour Pineapple is a East Fork creation using the staple Sour Tsunami crosses to create an ultra uplifting high CBD variety that is exclusive to to their farm. The flavors are of intense tropical fruits not unlike a pineapple mixed drink. Along with the delicious mouth coating taste there is a hefty amount of CBD to help provide some relief without much intoxication while the terpenes coax your mind into a better place.

Genetic Cross: Sour Tsunami x Pineapple Tsunami

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.49%), a-Pinene (0.19%), Terpinolene (0.18%)

THC: 0.51% | CBD: 14.7% | CBCA: 0.7% | Total Cannabinoids: 18.2% (Sativa)

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