East Fork - Pineapple Jager, High CBD, Indica Hybrid, Outdoor

Pineapple Jager, the chunkier greener counterpart to Wesley's Wish, is an in house creation by East Fork and boasts an evenly balanced 2:1 CBD to THC ratio. Sweet and tart pineapple swirls under a licorice, earth and spice bouquet that makes a scent so delightful that you will want to keep your container open all the time. This bud in particular hits at a total 28.4% total cannabinoids with 1% each of CBCa and CBGa which means this is the perfect resource to get a little relief from the day.

Potential Therapeutic Uses: Patients and recreational consumers can look
forward to an energetic mind boost and body relief to tackle a long to-do list, hit the gym, or provide aid for those about to engage in an intellectually taxing task.

Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Pineapple Tsu x Jager by East Fork

Top Terpenes: B-Myrcene(2.78%), a-Pinene(0.67%), B-Caryophyllene (0.54%)

THC: 7.78% | CBD: 15.4% | Total Cannabinoids: 28.4% | Total Terpenes: 5.21% (Hybrid) Was $9 per gram

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