Dr. Jolly's - Agent Orange, Sativa, Sugar Wax

Agent Orange, like many orange strains, is an upbeat, happy, smiling and almost trippy sort of high! This mood elevating strain is full of orange rind, lemon and almost-whiskey chemical sour flavor that will be hard for your tongue to keep track of it all. Putting aside the grim name, a few dabs of this is an easy way to change a dull day into a memorable one.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper

Top Terpenes: Humulene (0.8%), Nerolidol (0.8%), B-Caryophyllene (0.8%)

THC: 77.04% | CBD: 0.16% | CBGA: 2.39% | Total Cannabinoids: 90.48% | Total Terpenes: 6.35% |(Sativa Hybrid)

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