Deschutes Growery - Copper Chem, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

A new and very interesting cultivar to Deschutes Growery's strain stable, Copper Chem is a sativa-leaning strain in terms of structure that packs a heavy gassy punch that it carries from the Chem 4 in its lineage. These buds take on a minty green look with a sheen of copper tones. The most unique trait to this cultivar is that although it is noted to be sativa-leaning in structure, the effects tend to give off more of an indica foward vibe. When smoking Copper Chem, you do get the rush of euphoric feelings and a sense of blissfulness but it is short lived as your high will slowly transition into more of a deep relaxation state that frees the mind of stress and anxiety.

Genetic Cross: Chem #4 x Stardawg by Greenpoint Seeds

Harvest Date: 6/10/2019

Top Terpenes: o-Limonene (1.62%), B-Caryophyllene (1.32%), B-Myrcene (0.77%)

THC: 22.97% | CBD: LOQ% | Total Cannabinoids: 25.91% | Total Terpenes: 5.563% (Hybrid)

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