Deschutes Growery

Deschutes Growery is a tight-knit group of comrades located in Bend, Oregon and are one of the few leaders in sustainable, indoor cannabis practices across Oregon. Their flowers are provided the freshest, clearest, volcanically-purified water originating from the Cascade Mountains. As a Blue Sky Champion Member, they take great strides to offset any environmental impact the farm may produce by closely monitoring all aspects of it's growery This includes from equipment usage to business partnerships. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, they are fully equipped with 100% LED lighting and are Oregon’s 1st indoor solar powered growery. Deschutes' flowers are chosen from seed and very elite clones, grown with 100% organic nutrients, soil built from scratch, and are all Clean Green Certified.


Something that we have learned through our flower testing and farm visits is that THC percentages do not paint the whole picture. Other components also make up exceptional cannabis, such as techniques used to preserve terpenes and expand cannabinoids profiles, and they too add to the overall effect and smoothness of the flower.

We would like this to take this opportunity and present you all with a new way of experiencing cannabis. To do so, we have sought out a farm that we believe helps demonstrate that higher isn’t always better, as well as created a new tier of flower. It represents exceptional quality and is more than just THC.

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