Decibel - Banana Pie, Indica Hybrid, Louds Pre-roll

Banana Pie is a dangerously good cross between the popular Cherry Pie and Banana Kush strains. Much like a spiced banana muffin this is a great marriage between banana and baked good flavors, leaving an almost floral, spicy and cream notes to play on the tongue. The commonality between the two highs leaves this with a hardy body high along with red eyes and a incredible fog that rolls across your thoughts.

Louds are crafted with a full gram of full flower, a generous lathering of rosin oil and coated with kief. On top of that, these are created using only the same flower to make the oil and kief needed to give a strain specific effect to this sundae of a joint.

Total Flower Weight: 1g

Combined Cannabis Flower & Oil Weight: 1.35g

Genetic Cross: Banana Kush x Cherry Pie

Flower - THC: 20.63% | Rosin Oil - THC: 69.93% | Kief - THC: 57.07% | (Indica Hybrid)

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