Decibel - Apple Jager, Indica, Louds Pre-roll

Apple Jager is a heavy indica with an intensely earthy and slightly sweet aroma that gives the immediate impression this is going to put you on your butt for the night. A powerful blanket of relaxation lays down with each puff someone takes and a light sedative feeling overtakes your mind as you begin to let the daily worries fade away.

Louds are crafted with a full gram of full flower, a generous lathering of rosin oil and coated with kief. On top of that, these are created using only the same flower to make the oil and kief needed to give a strain specific effect to this sundae of a joint.

Total Flower Weight: 1g

Combined Cannabis Flower & Oil Weight: 1.35g

Genetic Cross: Unknown

Flower - THC: 20% | Rosin Oil - THC: 60.3%% | Kief - THC: 29.2% | Total - THC: 24.98% CBD: 0% (Indica)

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