Cloud Cover - Pootie Tang, Sativa Hybrid, Indoor

Pootie Tang is a sativa hybrid that is normally only found in Colorado but Cloud Cover has brought it with them to this state. The Tang Tang takes over with a beautiful tangy lemon-lime soda aroma and complimentary earthy notes from the OG Kush lineage coming from LA Kush. Pootie Tang induces a strong head high with the classic frontal lobe sativa buzz. This strain can be somewhat of a ‘creeper’ with delayed effects that continue to increase in intensity over time.

Genetic Cross: LA Confidential x Tang Tang by New House Seed Co. (now TRseeds by Tierra Rojo)

Harvest date: 02/13/19

THC: 25.05% | CBD: 0.08% | Total Cannabinoids: 30.40% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $12/g

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