Cloud Cover - Flo, Hybrid, Indoor

Flo is a hybrid strain created by the long time breeder, DJ Short, and the creator of the the most famous version of the Blueberry strain. The name Flo is short for Floral, which is a pretty telling name for what to expect. Upon first inspection it will have an intense lavender and assorted flower fields with a hint of orange blossom as you break up the nugs. These buds are made dense by the Afghani lineage but the flavor is brought on by the Purple Thai while the high is a combination between both strains, leaving the head happy and wandering while the body feels paced and relaxed.

Genetic Cross: Floral Line F3 (Purple Thai x Afghani)

Harvest date: 2/22/19

THC: 26.7% | CBD: 0.07% | Total Cannabinoids: 31.44% (Hybrid)

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