Cloud Cover - Do-Si-Dough, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

Do-Si-Dough takes after its parent GSC, with a sweet, pungent doughy funk and an added intense pine cleaner smell that is instantly recognizable! The smell alone will elevate your mood! The Faceoff OG adds an extra dose of medicated melty body high. The nugs are tight and smaller than your average strain, like that of most GSC breeds, with dark, rich purples underneath a solid layer of frosty trichomes! This is also a local creation, bred in Portland by Archive Seed Bank.

Genetic Cross: OGKB x Face Off OG Bx1 by Archive Seed Bank

Harvest date: 01/25/19

THC: 28.0% | CBD: 0.07% | Total Cannabinoids: 33.79% (Indica Hybrid)

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