Claywolf - Soul Dawg, Sativa Hybrid, Live Resin

Soul Dawg has such an immense amount of pine that you may as well call it Pine Soul! Not only for a good pun but because it also reminds you of the cleaner Pine Sol in the best way. The intense amount of pinene and limonene will refresh your lungs and take them on a hike through a spring PNW forest while simultaneously brightening your day. This sauce is absolutely delicious and produces a full spectrum effect with its over 26% terpenes and small amount of CBD.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Unknown

Top Terpenes: a-Pinene (9.89%), B-Pinene (3.54%), Limonene (3.99%)

THC: 55% | CBD: 0.5% | Terpenes: 26.61% (Sativa Hybrid)

Was 20/g

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