Chronic Creations - Super Banner Hammer, Hybrid, Ice Hash

A nice mashup between three well known strains, Super Silver Haze, Banner #3 and 9lb Hammer! This ice hash is perfect for topping a bowl or loading up in a joint. The process it undergoes makes it more potent and less harsh than traditional kief. Turn any bowl or joint into an extra special time with a little old school ice hash!

Grade of screens used: 73-120u

1 gram

Cultivator: Scissortail Farms

Genetic Cross: Super Silver Haze x Bruce Banner x 9lb Hammer

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene(0.2%), a-Pinene(0.15%, a-Humulene(0.1%)

THC: 45.36% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 45.36% | Terpenes: 0.86% (Hybrid)

Was 20/g

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