Buddies - Vortex, Sativa, Terp Sugar

Vortex is a combination of TGA Subcool's favorite strains, Apollo 13 and Space Queen (nicknamed Space Dude as it was the father), has produced quite the hit over the years. In 2010 it even won Best Sativa at the High Times Cannabis Cup and for good reason. This strain is a near pure sativa that commercial growers still love because it flowers quicker than traditional sativas. You can expect a heart racing, stoned stupid quality high that can only come from haze leaning heavy sativa's. There is a reason it was named Vortex afterall!

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Apollo 13 x Space Queen by TGA Subcool

THC: 67.5% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids 79.15% | Total Terpenes: 4.77% (Hybrid)

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