Buddies - SFV OG, Indica Hybrid, Distillate Cart

SFV OG, San Fernando Valley OG, is a classic OG Kush cutting originating from the first place OG Kush was spread around in California. What makes this special is how pronounced the lemon nose is with this cut, while still maintaining all the pine and funk background goodness that we come to expect from a good OG Kush. You can expect a body high from this but without it putting you back into your seat, unless that's what you are wanting in the moment. The initial heady high comes on quickly while the body takes time to work it's way into your body and isn't immediate like many indica leaning strains.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: OG Kush Phenotype

THC: 81.8% | CBD: 3.6% | Total Cannabinoids: 90.1% (Indica Hybrid)

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