Buddies - Kali Mist, Sativa, Distillate Cart

Kali Mist is an almost pure sativa variety, making it very popular among cannabis consumers who are fans of cerebral and energetic effects. Back in the 90's, Kali Mist was given the title “Queen of Sativas” due to her large crops and ultra mood-enhancing properties. With a lovely pineapple and spice flavor, this lightweight sativa is a perfect choice for consumers looking to maintain focus and productivity throughout their day. Released under Serious Seeds, the background of this strain is relatively unknown but the creator has hinted that it is SE Asia sativa's, and some Afghani to stabilize it since the 2000's.

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Mostly SE Asia Sativa with a touch of Afghani

THC: 79.63% | CBD: 0.28% | Total Cannabinoids: 83.3% (Sativa)

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