Buddies - Brandywine, Indica, Pull and Sap

Brandywine is a creation by an old Granddaddy seeds employee who started his own company, Dungeon Vault Genetics, and brought along expertise in breeding amazing indica strains. This is a cross between the incredibly fragrant, sweet floral Pink Champagne and the dark, dank funk of the Grandpa's Breath to create a truly tantalizing aroma. This phenotype of the strain even produced a considerable amount of CBD, which is unusable for this strain, and will really help to relax the body and calm the mind.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Pink Champagne x Grandpa's Breath by Dungeon Vault Genetics

THC: 56.7% | CBD: 15.4% | Total Cannabinoids: 86.29% | Terpenes: 11.37% (Indica)

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