Bobsled - Strawberry Cough x Blue Dream x OG Kush, Hybrid, Live Resin

Strawberry Cough definitely is on the forefront of this combination, which you can immediately smell upon cracking the container. Tones of strawberry, lemons, pine, flowers and a hint of pepper can be found among this ruby red extract. Fruity and light, this strain is an uplifting and productive smoke that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings without worry of an anxious mindset setting in.

1 gram

Cultivator: Oregon Dreams

Genetic Cross: Strawberry Cough x Blue Dream x OG Kush

THC: 81.88% | CBD: 0.12% | Total Cannabinoids: 94.18% | Terpenes: 7.50% (Hybrid)

Was 20/g

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