Bobsled Farms - Astral OG, Hybrid, Indoor

An Oregon bred and exclusive strain, Astral OG will knock you back until you are seeing stars! The high takes a second to build but when it does it is very soothing, like reading a horoscope. The aroma and flavor centers more on earthy, wood and diesel with a hint of fruitiness. The flavor also takes a second to come on, with new funky OG notes flaring up even after the exhale.

Genetic Cross: 707 Headband x Platinum GSC created by Ten Four Farms

Top terpenes: Limonene (0.71%), trans-Nerolidol (0.59%), B-Myrcene (0.48%)

THC: 22.47% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.95% | Total Terpenes: 3.86% (Hybrid) Was $5/g

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