Bobsled - Cotton Candy, Hybrid, Sugar Sauce

Cotton Candy, previously Cotton Candy Kush, is a supremely delicious strains made by none other than Delicious Seeds using a evenly balanced inbred Lavender dubbed Caramelo as well as a sickly sweet sativa straight from Africa named Power Plant. This hybrid has a super sweet candy taste with just the right floral notes to give it that nostalgic air of a big blue county fair cotton candy! It might be hard not to tear into this like a blob of sticky candy floss. The very euphoric effect, which is cerebral and almost impercetible in the body, is almost instantaneous and longlasting.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Caramelo (Lavender F2) x Power Plant

THC: 64.19% | CBD: 0.3% | Total Cannabinoids: 77.72% | Terpenes: 9.11% (Hybrid)

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