Bobsled - Citrus Sap, Sativa Hybrid, Live Resin

Citrus Sap is a superb cross that comes from a partnership between two top breeders, DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms. DNA brought the power and earthy funk of the famed Gorilla Glue cut and Crockett brought their favorite representation of the juicy, tangy Tangie. What results is an explosion of both flavors paired perfectly. A mouth watering aroma that is similar to citrus Thai food with background notes of tropical flowers that transforms into a flavor of orange and earthy spice when smoked. The high is distinctly sativa with a burst of energy and cerebral pressure with a slight body high that fades away without leaving much in the way of fatigue.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Tangie x GG #4 by DNA Genetics/Crockett Family Farms

THC: 74.57% | CBD: 0.14% | Total Cannabinoids: 87.65% | Terpenes: 4.72% | (Sativa)

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