Bobsled - Animal Cookies, Hybrid, Live Resin

The offspring of two legends, GSC and Fire OG, Animal Cookies uncaged their best traits into one solid, dense primal bud. A large variety of old diesel, cookie funk and citrus emanate from this terp sugar that give the high a uplifting yet sedative high. This strain can tend to lean more towards indica hibernation effects but some users still find energy from the slightly citrus terpenes and reduction of mental stress. Be prepared to eat like a ravenous animal after finishing these prerolls!

1 gram

Cultivator: Foley Farms

Genetic Cross: GSC x Fire OG

THC: 75.14% | CBD: 0.22% | Total Cannabinoids: 87.69% | Terpenes: 10.52% (Hybrid)

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