Bobsled - Angel Food Cake, Hybrid, Live Resin

Angel Food Cake is a hybrid combination that combines Forum GSC with Fire OG, which is similar to Animal Cookies but a completely different effect and flavor. Instead of bringing out the funk of the GSC, this flips and goes towards the floral notes of Forum GSC and the cream tones of the strong OG lineage. The smell is incredibly close to a fresh baked Angel cake with a sour, lemon icing! Angel Food Cake brings on a sense of calm and euphoria with a general sense of numbness that slowly descends upon the body.

1 gram

Genetic Cross: Forum GSC x Fire OG

THC: 69.08% | CBD: 0.15% | Total Cannabinoids: 80.04% | Terpenes: 12.97% |(Sativa)

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