Avitas - Strawberry Fields, Indica, CO2 Cart

Strawberry Fields is destined for consumers who love that strawberry aroma, but would prefer something more tranquilizing than the Strawberry Cough sativa. This strain is not for the faint of heart, and may not be the best choice when cognitive ability and focus is heavily required. Strawberry Fields is definitely suited for after-work fun, hanging out, or eating a delicious meal. Enjoy this fruity delight!

All material that goes into Avitas CO2 cartridges are grown by their farm and have to no additives, which includes flavorings, PG/VG or pesticides!

1g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Strawberry Cough x Unknown Indica by Sagarmatha Seeds

Top Terpenes: B-Myrcene, d-Limonene, B-Caryophyllene

THC: 73.2% | CBD: 0.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 75% (Indica)

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