Avitas - Everything Nice, Sativa, CO2 Cart

Everything nice was a part of a series of holiday themed cartridges made by Avitas. This one features a strong fruity flavor similar to a Jack Herer with more depth from the heavy caryophyllene. Heavy on the orange, lemon and cream tones. The high is joyful with waves of euphoric bliss that really is everything nice without the sugar and spice.

All material that goes into Avitas CO2 cartridges are grown by their farm and have no additives, which includes flavorings, PG/VG or pesticides!

0.5g Cartridge

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Humulene

THC: 71.75% | CBD: 0.19% l Total Cannabinoids: 79% (Sativa)

Was $28/0.5g

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