Avitas - Apricot Octane, Sativa, Indoor

Apricot Octane is like drinking a fruit smoothie in a SE Asia country, where a swirl of orange and apricot aromas stir into a fermented, dirty indole scent to create an almost Durian-like aroma. This fruit fuel will do just that to your mind: fuel it with a vibrant energy like that of a nutritional fruit drink. Your glass will be greater than half full while smoking on this wonderfully chunky nugged creation. Fun fact about this strain: one of the parents, Legend Orange Apricot, was entrusted as a gift by Capulator (the breeder of MAC) with the genetics entirely and has become their stable father over the years.

Genetic Cross: High Octane OG x Legend Orange Apricot F2 by Compound Genetics

Harvest Date: 04/15/19

THC: 24.9% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.4% (Sativa)

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