Ananda Farms - Durban Poison, Sativa *Was $8/g*

About Ananda Farms: Ananda's products are handled with the utmost care, with special attention to cleanliness and environment, resulting in a level of quality that is only possible through intention and devotion to our craft. Ananda has a strong dedication to the Earth’s environment and we take major steps to go beyond just being “Organic.” By composting, using living soils, earthworms and plant-based nutrients which promote bioactivity in our growing systems. We are focused on regenerative farming, increasing habitat, and promoting plant diversity on our farm. We are also proud to be Clean Green Certified.
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One of the best strains for increasing productivity and promoting an active mind and body, Durban Poison is also highly valued for its abundance of cannabinoids other than THC, including THCv. This strain has been known to give strong heady and psychoactive effects, even at modest THC saturations (15.85%).

Genetic Cross: Unknown, South African Origin

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Ocimene,

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