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Jack’s Dream, Outdoor

THC: 18.81%

Jack’s Dream is a stimulating sativa hybrid with familiar flavors and gentle effects. This common sense cross of Jack Herer and Blue Dream offers the consumer an immediate rush of energy that crests into heady euphoria that will encourage bouts of laughter. These somewhat fluffy green and amber buds smell is a direct combination of the two parents, with notes of tropical fruit, pine and spice with the flavor imparting a direct fruitiness and a lingering hint of spices.

**Notice** – The outdoor from Epic Family Farms is lightly seeded with about an average of 5 seeds per 1/8th in Jack’s Dream. These seeds are almost all viable and caused by a neighboring hemp company so the offspring will likely be half hemp with a 1:1 THC to CBD.

Harvest Date: 10/16/19

Genetic Cross: Jack Herer x Blue Dream

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (3.15%), a-Pinene (0.47%), B-Caryophyllene (0.38%) | Total Terpenes: 4.45% | Total Cannabinoids: 27.48%

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Epic Family Farms
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Epic Family Farms
18.81 %

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    Erin Cox

    Top notch customer service. Each time I have ordered, I have great cannabis conversation with my delivery drivers. Lisa and Eddy are beyond professional and... read more -

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    5 star rating I love Kush Cart! They listen to my feedback and I trust that they will try to get in a product that I've gotten through... read more -

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    Amelia Tucker

    Came in the time frame they said they would. Super nice delivery driver and got exactly what i ordered. Happy with my service ?? -

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    Number One all around FIVE stars! Seriously everything from the incredibly comprehensive yet user friendly website to the best prices around for both quality AND... read more -

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    Alexis V.

    5 star rating Love the drivers, great selection that changes frequently so I can keep trying new strains. Extremely responsive via email. Extremely low prices, best prices I've... read more -

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    These guys are awesome. I accidentally bought a cartridge from them that didn't fit my pen, so I contacted them about where I could get... read more -

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    Super fast delivery! Great prices and selection! The drivers are so friendly and offer advice on the products I buy, especially for edibles! And they... read more -

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    Amazing. Well priced. Professional -

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    Amelia Widener

    Came in the time frame they said they would. Super nice delivery driver and got exactly what i ordered. Happy with my service ?? -

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    Excellent customer service, some of the best prices in town, quick delivery times and transparent communication. Discounts are offered when delivery is delayed due to... read more -

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