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East Fork- Wesley's Wish, High CBD, Hybrid,Outdoor

Clean Green Certified
Named after the late Wesley Howard, the oldest brother of East Fork’s founders Nathan and Aaron Howard, because it was his favorite strain to smoke. We are proud to present one of the first releases from East Fork's in-house breeding program. With a gorgeous purple expression and tasting notes of fuel and fruit, this cultivar is a superb recommendation for patrons looking for a day-time smoke.

Potential Therapeutic Uses: Patients and recreational consumers can look forward to an energetic mind boost to tackle a long to-do list, hit the gym, or provide aid for those about to engage in an intellectually taxing task.

Genetic Cross: Pineapple x Jager
Terpenes: B-Myrcene, Limonene, Pinene
THC: 4.49% | CBD: 12.72% (Hybrid) Was $9 per gram

SDK - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Single, 50mg

She Don't Know's cookies are handmade with love by an empowered woman in Portland, Oregon, as a simple reminder to relax, enjoy and not take life so seriously. These premium Chocolate Chip cookies are made with quality ingredients. No preservatives, corn syrup or anything artificial is used in the creation of these delectable edible! Each package includes one 50mg strength cookie with a chart to helping dose into easy to manage 5mg increments.

1 piece total: THC: 50mg, per section: THC: 5mg

Weight: 0.37oz

Was $7

Avitas - Everything Nice, Sativa, CO2 Cart

Everything nice was a part of a series of holiday themed cartridges made by Avitas. This one features a strong fruity flavor similar to a Jack Herer with more depth from the heavy caryophyllene. Heavy on the orange, lemon and cream tones. The high is joyful with waves of euphoric bliss that really is everything nice without the sugar and spice.
All material that goes into Avitas CO2 cartridges are grown by their farm and have no additives, which includes flavorings, PG/VG or pesticides!

0.5g Cartridge

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Humulene

THC: 71.75% | CBD: 0.19% l Total Cannabinoids: 79% (Sativa)

Was $28/0.5g

Avitas - Glitter & Gold, Hybrid, CO2 Cart

Glitter and Gold is a shiny mix of Dragon OG and Mk Ultra that combines the cerebral aspects of boths strains and the sedative properties of Mk Ultra. A great balance of intoxicating high and physical relief makes this strain a great post work-day option. An awesome combination of lemons, grape and musk this strain was lovingly bred at by Avitas. This cartridges was release as 1 of 3 parts of Avitas's holiday line of cartridges.
All material that goes into Avitas CO2 cartridges are grown by their farm and have no additives, which includes flavorings, PG/VG or pesticides!

1g Cartridge

Cultivator: Avitas

Genetic Cross: Dragon OG x MK Ultra

Top Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene

THC: 74.4% | CBD: 0.26% | Total Cannabinoids: 78% (Hybrid)

Was $42/1g

Orchid - Dutch Treat, Indica, Cartridge

Dutch treat is a terpene treat with 15% terpenes and a delightful terpene profile this is a great anytime hybrid that is said to ease anxiety & stress while boosting happiness and relaxation. Orchids pens are made out of top notch components that deliver a full bodied smoke with every pull. Be careful, these pack a punch compared to usual cartridges!

1 gram cartridge

THC: 68.2% (Indica Hybrid)

WVA - Purple Punch, Indica, Diamonds

Purple Punch is a combination of two relaxing genetics, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Packed full of sweet grape, blueberry, fennel and pepper aromas to delight your senses. Ready to knockout your mind with a uppercut that'll drop your thoughts and body alike. This is a delicious dessert strain that is best suited for after dinner.

1 gram

Cultivator: Indigo Gardens

Genetic Cross: Granddaddy Purple x Larry OG by Purple Caper Seeds

Top Terpenes: a-Farnesene(2.43%), trans-Caryophyllene (1.54%), Limonene (0.82%)

THC: 75.2% | CBD: 0%| Total Terpenes: 7.26% (Indica)

Was $50 per gram

Chronic Creations - Super Banner Hammer, Hybrid, Ice Hash

A nice mashup between three well known strains, Super Silver Haze, Banner #3 and 9lb Hammer! This ice hash is perfect for topping a bowl or loading up in a joint. The process it undergoes makes it more potent and less harsh than traditional kief. Turn any bowl or joint into an extra special time with a little old school ice hash!
Grade of screens used: 73-120u
1 gram

Cultivator: Scissortail Farms

Genetic Cross: Super Silver Haze x Bruce Banner x 9lb Hammer

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene(0.2%), a-Pinene(0.15%, a-Humulene(0.1%)

THC: 45.36% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 45.36% | Terpenes: 0.86% (Hybrid)
Was 20/g

WVA - Sunset Sherbert, Indica, Live Sauce

Sunset Sherbert is a notorious indica dominant hybrid with a deep full-body effect that is descendant from the popular Girl Scout Cookies strain. To compound on that effect a special OG Kush cross called Pink Panties was added, which also helped increase the swirl of fruity aromas. Cracking open this live sauce you'll find aroma's of sour lemons, tropical fruits and dirty motor oil. The complex fragrance will leave your nose jumping from one flavor to the next and coats your mouth in bright citrus and rich earthy gas notes. This sauce is made from live fresh frozen cannabis and is a balanced mixture of small diamonds and terpene sauce.

1 gram

Cultivator: Indigo Gardens

Genetic Cross: GSC x Pink Panties

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene (5.65%), Limonene (2.36%), Myrcene (1.12%)

THC: 71.5% | CBD: 0%| Total Terpenes: 16.14% (Indica)

Was $45 per gram

WVA - Future x Voyager, Hybrid, Shatter

Future was dubbed by the Portland Mercury to possibly be the "strongest weed ever" as the flower itself has tested above 35% regularly by the very same cultivator as this extract. It carries over well to the strong THC percentage and cerebral high in the extracts that it produces. Voyager is a slightly sativa strain has an incredibly mixed lineage of landraces and brings with it the complimentary lemony mango cream soda flavors to mess well with Future's creamy gas lemon notes.

1 gram

Cultivator: 7 Points

Genetic Cross: Future x Voyager #1

THC: 72.10% | CBD: 0.56% (Hybrid)

Buddies - Frost Flakes, Indica Hybrid, Live Resin Cart

A delectable mash up of two Bubba strains, Pre-98 and White, creates a wonderfully frosty and terpene rich bud that is perfect for turning into live resin. The taste is that of sweet creamy milk, which explains how it got it's name in the first place, with an almost incense-like exhale to go along with it. The body high is much more pronounced than the head, with a deep sense of full relaxation.

0.5g Cartridge

Genetic Cross: Pre-98 Bubba x White Bubba

THC: 66.1% | CBD: 2.64% | Total Cannabinoids: 75.50% (Indica Hybrid)

Was $35/0.5g