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CanPay Debit Payment E-transfer

We are excited to announce that we are using CanPay to offer debit payment for you! (Learn More) CanPay is safe, using only the latest technology to keep your information secure. Use coupon code canpay10 to get 10% off when you use Canpay for the first time! To download the app please go to www.canpayapp.com. Be sure to have your checking account# and routing# handy. This process can take 1 to 24 hours to link with your account so keep that in mind when using CanPay for the first time. (How to get Started)

After creating an account, select "e-transfer" at checkout to pay with CanPay instead of cash. When we bring your order simply login to the Canpay app for a generated a QR code which our drivers will scan at the door. And that's it! No more dealing with cash.
Note: QR codes expire after 30 minutes.

LTRMN Sticks - Gnome Walker 0.5g Pre-Roll, Indica

Grown and bred in house here by Gnown Grown, Gnome Walker is a wonderful indica dominant bud. With a pungent gas, earth and pine nose this pre-roll will please most smokers regardless of sativa or indica affinity. Users can look forward to a high that targets all parts of the body equally. Be prepared to have the room smelling like a skunk just graced you with it's presence!

Genetic Cross: Unknown

Flower - THC: 25% CBD: 0.06% (Indica Hybrid)
Was $4.5/pre-roll

LTRMN Sticks - Conspiracy Kush 1g Pre-Roll, Indica

Grown here by Alter Farms, Conspiracy Kush is a wonderful indica dominant cross between the well known indica and sativa, Obama Kush and Space Queen respectively, to form a fantastic elevated experience. You may recognize Space Queen as the cultivar to a range of euphoric pairs including such strains as Agent Orange, JillyBean and Jack's the Ripper. Both parents, while different in many ways, share a high that is perfect for anyone trying to get into the creative mood without worry of onset paranoia or anxious effects. Expect a sweet, citral wood and finishing notes of grape flavor when smoking this cannabis bat.

Genetic Cross: Obama Kush x Space Queen

Flower - THC: 23% CBD: 0% (Indica Hybrid)
Was $7/pre-roll

LTRMN Sticks - Goji OG 1g Pre-Roll, Sativa

Grown here by Gnome Grown, Goji OG is becoming widely known for it's uniquely euphoric sativa high that stands out among OG sister strains that are inherently know for their stoney, couch lock effects. The flavor from Goji OG is in line with what you would expect from the name, beginning notes of sour Goji/Acai berries followed by earthy fuel at the tail end. Users with depression, stress or anxiety may find this a nice uplifting break from your standard array of sativa's.

Genetic Cross: Nepali OG x Snow Lotus

Flower - THC: 25% CBD: 0.05% (Sativa Hybrid)
Was $7/pre-roll

Claywolf - Blissful Kush, Indica-Hyb, Live Resin

About Claywolf: Claywolf is a veteran owned company that specializes in producing high quality Cannabis extracts. They focus on developing their Flavor Wheel so that customers can properly identify the terpene profiles that are most beneficial to them. Claywolf is setting new standards for the optimal cannabis experience through innovative extraction methods, terpene management, and attractive packaging. Thier methods of extraction allow everyone, even someone who is new to cannabis, the ability to taste the full flavor of each strain, letting them fully appreciate all of the magic this beautiful plant has to offer. (learn more)

Grown by Blissful Botnicals and extracted by Claywolf, this live resin will leave you with a vibrant feeling that is too good to pass up. Filled with cannabinoids that will activate happy, euphoric feelings followed by endless laughter. Not to mention its exhilarating flavor of apple pie followed by a smooth buttery exhale when dabbed at low temperature. Only top quality material could make such an enjoyable product. Get ready for a blissful experience!
1 gram

Cultivar: Blissful Botanicals

Genetic Cross: Mystery Kush x Pure Kush x Critical Kush

THC: 64.17%, CBD: 0.13% (Indica-Hybrid)
Was $35/g

Claywolf - Blue Zkittlez, Indica, Sugar Sauce

Are you ready to taste the rainbow? Blue Zittles from Claywolf has a vibrant sweet, citrusy, earthy smell to it. Best dabbed at low temperature to ensure a flavorful experience. It is a cross of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez, ready relieve you after a long workday. This sugar sauce will leave you with a mellow happy high, while also providing relaxation to your body. Enjoy!
1 gram

Genetic Cross: Blue Diamond + Zkittles

THC: 67.24%, CBD: 0.14% (Indica)
Was $30/g

Claywolf - Trainwreck, Hybrid, Sugar Sauce

Choo Choo! Whos ready to jump on board the relaxation train? Trainwreck, a Northern Californian staple, has stationed itself at the Kush Cart HQ and is ready to take on new passengers. This sugar sauce from Claywolf has a floral aroma and euphoric high that leaves people feeling happy and relaxed, taking away the soreness of the daily grind. Sit back and enjoy the creative juices as they flow on this wonderful ride.
1 gram

Genetic Cross: Mexican x Thai x Afghani

THC: 66.4% (Hybrid)
Was $30/g

Avitas - Kimbo Kush Shake, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

All hail the king of street combat: Kimbo Slice, RIP. Remember the great man with an amazing strain from Avitas, a punchy Indica Hybrid cross of Starfighter F2 and Platinum Blackberry Kush. Excellent THC (22.2%) content plus a generous fruity flavor makes this a great strain to be enjoyed at the end of the day with its sedative effects as well as its potential for relieving stress and pain. This strain carries a euphoric uplift like a street fighter's uppercut.
This product consists of shake and b-buds with no large bud flower. They are great for those who roll their own joints, dislike breaking up nugs or make their own oil for homemade edibles!

Genetic Cross: Platinum Blackberry Kush x Starfighter F2

THC: 22.2% | CBD: 0% (Indica Hybrid)

Leif Goods - Classic Double Choco Bar Was $25

This is a 66% double dark chocolate bar that offers a simple, yet rich flavor with a crunch of cacao nibs. This bar is for the purist interested in simple, amazing, and organic chocolate with a slight crunch from superfood cacao. This chocolate bar is organic, dairy-free, wheat-free, fairtrade, and non-GMO.

Leifs Goods infuses their chocolate with Rick Simpson Oil which provides a more full-flower effect. Being dominant in THC, this can be a great product for someone who is looking for a heavier intoxicating high.

THC: 42.0mg / CBD: 2.8mg

Avitas - GG#4 Co2 Cartridge

The very well known strain, GG#4, has made its way onto our menu. This Co2 cartridge is sure to pack a wallop, leaving you feeling awake but relaxed and possibly glued to your couch. Avitas does a spectacular job at extracting as many cannabinoids as possible from the original flower to ensure the user receives a full spectrum experience and flavor of the strain. Best consumed after work with a bowl of ice cream!

0.5g cartridge

THC: 68.8% | Total Cannabinoids: 72.1% (Hybrid)

Was $32