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Davis Direct - Super Silver Haze, Sativa, Indoor,

Super Silver Haze has finally made it on our menu! This old school strain is as indica as a sativa can get, meaning it hovers close to being hybrid with it's heavy Caryophyllene content. To match the relaxing effects of it you'll find pungent notes of sweet tea, lemon and pine to help keep you upright and moving! This is the perfect after work strain to keep you awake to get a few chores done then find yourself easily slipping off to sleep later on with the high CBN content taking over. As well these classic haze sativa's are known for having good appetite suppressant qualities compared to other strains!

Genetic Cross: [(Haze x Haze) x Skunk #1] x [(Haze x Haze) x NL #5]

Top Terpenes: b-Caryophyllene, b-Myrcene, Ocimene

THC: 18.43% | CBD: 0% (Sativa-Hybrid) Was $10/g

Noble Farms- Jack Herer B buds, Sativa, Indoor

This piney, spicy, and citrusy delight will have you happy, uplifted and energized. These buds are smaller as they came off the lower section of the plant, but don't mistake that for a lack of quality. These buds are covered in sparkling crystals that pack a punch at 20.99% THC and are very fragrant. This is a great day time smoke.

About Noble Farms: Noble Farms is a family owned and operated garden located in the Eagle Creek area of Oregon. They have been growing cannabis together for over 17 years, and before that Christmas trees, all the while practicing, honing and perfecting their process including a thorough cure in their very own humidor room. Their flower is grown under laboratory type conditions with expertly dialed atmospheric controls, proprietary feeding regimen, canopy management, and a buffet of love!

Terpenes:Terpinolene, Caryophylene, Nerolidol
THC: 20.99% | CBD: .05% (Sativa) Was $9/g

Urban Pharms - Urban Delusion, Sativa, Outdoor

Urban Pharms crossed an old school sativa with their Snowland to create a more euphoric strain for the Oregon Market! You will still find the tropical, citral wood smell deep in the nugs but combined with Trainwrecks wonderful lemon and herbaceous qualities. With the heavy THC, and no CBD to hold it back, these nugs will provide a very cerebral, thought provoking high!

Genetic Cross: Trainwreck x SnowLAnd

THC:30.03% CBD: 0% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $10/g

Urban Pharms- SnowLAnd, Hybrid, Outdoor

This beautiful strain is a sun- grown marvel that is hand crafted by Urban Pharms. These dense nugs are covered with shiny crystals and packs a potent smell. The flavors are a mix of frgrant fruity, diesely deliciousness that delivers a strong long lasting high that is balanced through the body and mind.

Genetic Cross: SnowCap x LA Confidential

Top Terpene: Terpinolene

THC: 24.7% CBD: 0% (Hybrid) Was $9/g

Sugar Tree - Cvndylvnd, Hybrid, Outdoor

Cvndylvnd was made by Ken, the creator of Granddaddy Purple and many others, and lives up to the hype his name carries. This surprisingly sativa leaning flower, made from Bay Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple, carries an uplifting and stimulating effect which makes it perfect for social events or creative muses. An intense pine and baked sugar good smell is released upon breaking the nug with flavor while smoking consisting of rich earthy tones.

Genetic Cross: Bay Platinum Cookies x Granddaddy Purple

THC: 24.69% | CBD: 0% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $8/g

Gross Tonnage - Citrus Sap, Hybrid, Indoor

Citrus Sap is a hybrid created as a joint venture between Crockett Family Farms, creators of Clementine, and the prolific DNA Genetics, who have given us flavorful strains like Lemon Skunk and Chocolope. Citrus Sap is a cross between powerful hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 and flavorful sativa Tangie. Despite its mostly sativa genetics, this strain tends to offer powerfully sedative effects. Besides leaving behind a lingering cloud of sweety, citrusy funk, Citrus Sap is liable to leave you couchlocked and daydreaming.

Genetic Cross: Tangie x Gorilla Glue

THC: 22.1% | CBD: 0% (Hybrid) Was $9/g

River Grown - Lemon Kush, Hybrid, Greenhouse

An immense rush of lemon aroma encapsulates these large, thick buds which gives the high an intense cerebral high along with equally rich body buzz. With those effects, Lemon Kush is perfect 50:50 hybrid. A wide amount of earth terpenes accompany the fresh lemon smell and provides a wonderfully complex flavor when smoked. There are several different varieties of Lemon Kush on the genetics market, but they all are fantastic bud through and through. The way this one smells and looks it makes us imagine it is the Lemon G x Afghan Kush cross by Alien Genetics.

Genetic Cross: Lemon G x Afghan Kush by Alien Genetics

THC: 21.6% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.7% (Hybrid) Was $8/g

Connoisseur Collective - Dosi Cookies, Indica, Indoor

Dosi Cookies takes after its parent GSC, with a sweet pungent earthy funk and an added intense pine cleaner smell that will raise your mood just from smelling it! The Faceoff OG adds an extra dose of medicated melty body high. The nugs are tight and smaller than usual like that of most GSC breeds, with dark purples underneath all layer of frosty trichomes! This is another local creation, bred in Portland by Archive Seed Bank.

Genetic Cross: OGKB GSC x Faceoff OG bx1

THC: 23.6% | CBD: 0% (Indica) Was $8/g

River Grown - Granddaddy Purple, Indica, Greenhouse

Granddaddy Purple is know for it's thick, chunky buds, medicinally inclined effects and powerful grape aroma. This bud is no exception to those rules. Among the purple grape scent you'll even find hints of pine forests and wood. Its potent effects are clearly detectable in both mind and body, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. While your thoughts may float in a dreamy buzz, your body is more than likely to find itself fixed in one spot for the duration of GDP’s effects.

Genetic Cross: Purple Urkle x Big Bud by Granddaddy Purp Seeds

THC: 22.5% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 25.7% (Indica) Was $8/g

Pangaea Organics - Blackberry Cream, Indica, Indoor

Tart cream, peppery earth and a hint of sweet berries comes off this stellar looking bud. Bred by one of the best, Exotic Genetics, this strain is quite the treat and has beautiful nug structure! Perfect for users looking for a relaxing, low anxiety high that helps lift their spirits before lulling them into an indica induced coma.

Genetic Cross: Blackberry Kush x Cookies 'n' Cream

THC: 24.68% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 28.17% (Indica) Was $9/g