Oil Cartridges

Orchid - Lemon Kush (Oil+Pen Kit) *Was $76*

Did someone ask for limonene? This Lemon Kush has 8% terpenes with a robust citrus profile, providing a tasty delight. An amazing night time blend that is said to help ease pain & anxiousness while boosting appetite and relaxation.

1 gram + Pen Kit

THC: 69.7% (Hybrid)

Avitas - Lemon OG Kush (Co2 Cartridge) *Was $28*

About Avitas Oregon Cartridges: Avitas cartridges are pre-filled with premium C02 oil that are small batch crafted and 100% natural, providing a clean, convenient and discreet way to enjoy Cannabis. A high level of clarity and purity is maintained in every batch produced to ensure the healthiest oils and a clean pure vaporizing experience. Avitas cartridges capture all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes in each strain to pull out the unique characteristics of the strain. No artificial terpenes, additives, cutting agents, flavorings or colorings.

Lemon OG Kush provides users with a quick-acting sleepy head sensation.This strain tends to feel more psychoactive than other members of the kush family, but still offers a heavy feel. Lemon OG Kush is great for stress relief and increasing appetite.

THC: 67.3% (Hybrid)

Avitas - Glitter and Gold *Was $32/0.5g & $52/1g*

Glitter and Gold is a shiny mix of Dragon OG and Mk Ultra that combines the cerebral aspects of boths strains and the sedative properties of Mk Ultra. A great balance of intoxicating high and physical relief makes this strain a great post work-day option.

THC: 78.8% / CBD: 1.68% (Hybrid)

Avitas - MK Ultra (Co2 Cartridge) *Was $28*

MK Ultra is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that stands apart due to its powerful cerebral effects that are fast-acting and intense. It might be best for a day when not getting off the couch would be fine.

THC: 68.66% / CBD: 1.44% (Hybrid)

Avitas - Strawberry Fields (Cartridge) *Was $52*

Strawberry Fields is destined for consumers who love that strawberry aroma, but would prefer something more tranquilizing than the Strawberry Cough sativa. Its heavier effects also make it a better choice for those wanting possible relief from pain, sleep issues, and appetite loss. This strain is not for the faint of heart, and is not recommended for when cognitive ability and focus is heavily required. This strain is definitely suited for after-work fun, hanging out, eating a delicious meal or going to a music festival or hike.

THC: 74.2% / CBD: 1.77% (Indica)

Avitas - Snow Dragon (Co2 Cartridge) *Was 52*

This strain offers a balanced, clear-headed effect. Some individuals may find it particularly helpful in burning off pain and providing uplifting effects throughout the day.

THC: 72.3% (Hybrid)

Avitas - Planet X (Co2 Cartridge) *Was $52*

If your in the mood for an uplifting pick-me-up or a good night's sleep, Planet X OG is a heavy strain great for easing the mind and body. This is one of those strains that will leave you melting on the couch, smiling, and staring off into space with your eyes half open. If you have muscle pain or sleep problems that keeps you awake at night this strain is for you.

1 gram

THC: 66.5% (Sativa)