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Dutch Valley Farms- J-1, Sativa Hybrid, Indoor

Flavor: The heavy, sweet and distinctly floral notes here are the stuff top shelf strains are made of. A blend of two famous sativas—Skunk #1 and Jack Herer—practically makes this reefer royalty. Oh, you fancy, huh? Yes. Yes, we are.
Experience: Step aside, Red Bull. This strain is known for its strong, energy-boosting properties and calm, clear-headed disposition.

Genetic Cross: Skunk #1 x Jack Herer

THC: 30.50% | CBD: 0.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 33.39% (Sativa Hyrbid) Was $12/g

Gnome Grown - Durban Poison, Sativa, Greenhouse

This is an outstanding version of the classic many of us have come to know and love! Grown in an advanced greenhouse with all the energy from the sun touching these old genetics has produced a bright tropical and fresh herbaceous aromatic flower. These full big forest green buds are ready to take you on a truly sativa journey with a clean racy psychoactive high so be prepared. Durban Poison does have a tendency to have higher than normal THCV, with this sample having 0.09%, so it will help keep your appetite lower than usual and have a more traditional sativa high.

Genetic Cross: South African Landrace

Top Terpenes: Terpinolene (1.02%), Ocimene (0.35%), Myrcene (0.34%)

THC: 22.11% | CBD: 0.07% | CBG: 1.08% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.54% | Total Terpenes: 3.24% (Sativa) Was $12/g

Gnome Grown - Goji OG, Sativa, Greenhouse

Created by a breeder who truly cares about their product, Goji OG has it all. Beautiful spires of bracts and calyxes wind up thin stems and has a really outstanding bag appeal. Light scents of red berries, black cherry and spice are tucked away behind a pungent caramel aroma. Goji will hit you between the eyes immediately and slowly fade into a traditional OG body high without the couch lock. For Goji lovers out there, the pheno of this is somewhere between what Bodhi calls the Strawberry Cream Cheese and ThunderEgg phenotypes.

Genetic Cross: Nepali OG x Snow Lotus by Bodhi Seeds

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.18%), B-Caryophyllene (0.42%), Geranyl Acetate (0.29%)

THC: 24.45% | CBD: 0.05% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.02% | Total Terpenes: 3.12% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $12/g

Cloud Cover - White 99, Sativa Hybrid, OZ deal!

A cross of complete opposites, White 99 has qualities of both parents but Cindy 99 has a stronger spell on them. With notes of pine cleaner, tropical citrus and creamy hash this strain will immediately elevate your mood! White 99’s flavor is complex, but a delightful mix of lemon, orange and floral Kushy goodness is apparent.

Genetic Cross: The White x Cindy 99

THC: 30.24% | CBD: 0.09% | CBGa: 0.51% | Total Cannabinoids: 35.35% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $12/g

Cloud Cover - The White, Hybrid, Indoor

Named for the color it gives off from the absolute stellar coverage of trichomes, The White is a heavy duty high. The exact effects of this strain can vary from person to person with some experiencing an intense cerebral high while others feel a state of calm and relaxation. One thing is certain, the smell of this strain is very unique. It's always light with notes of lemon, old hash and pine while having oddly sweet earthy notes flowing in at times to really make you wonder what is going on.

Genetic Cross: Triangle Kush Bagseed (Probably)

THC: 27.1% | CBD: 0.04% | Total Cannabinoids: 31.80% (Hybrid) Was $12/g

Gnome Grown - Black Betty, Hybrid, Greenhouse

Black Betty has some well crafted dense frosty nugs supporting a bright sour musk! This bud tests almost pure with myrcene, which gives it that almost sour diesel like smell that fills your nostrils, with a touch of mango and pepper. The high leans more on the sativa side with uplifting effects but still mellows you out as it continues to build. As it makes its way to your limbs and core, down the neck and into the spine, you start to feel that intense body buzz expected from any offshoot of AK-47.

Genetic Cross: ECSD x AK47

Top Terpenes: Myrcene (1.58%), o-Limonene (.21%), B-Caryophyllene (.20%)

THC: 24.65% | CBD: 0.05% | Total Cannabinoids: 29.10% | Total Terpenes: 2.76% (Hybrid) Was $12/g

Dutch Valley Farms- Diesel Kush, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

Flavor: You like lemon meringue pie, right? Of course you do. That’s Diesel Kush. Bright, zesty lemon. Creamy, fluffy meringue. You might even detect some diesel in there. It’s like spending a day baking pies in grandma’s kitchen. Only, grandma has a side gig fixing Ram trucks. Grandma always was a badass.
Experience: Long-lasting effects that help relax and induces strong cerebral euphoria.

Genetic Cross: Diesel x OG Kush by Kush Cannabis Seeds

THC: 29.73% | CBD: 0.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 32.61% (Indica Hyrbid) Was $12/g

Cloud Cover - Grape Stomper, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

Grape Stomper, also known as Sour Grapes (not to be confused with Sour Grape), is a slightly indica leaning hybrid that provides the classic heavy body high that comes with grape strains with a mild cerebral high brought on by the diesel parentage. Think sweet grape taffy and the smell is just like that. These nugs are absolutely coated in resin and are perfect for creating keif in your favorite grinder.

Genetic Cross: Purple Elephant x Chemdog Sour Diesel by Gage Green Genetics

THC: 30.24% | CBD: 0.1% (Indica Hybrid) Was $14/g

Cloud Cover - Katsu Bubba Kush, Indica, Indoor

Katsu Bubba Kush is a unique Bubba Kush phenotype that's almost as old as the strain itself with a deep, floral terpene profile and beautiful bulky purple and red flowers. Filled to the brim with creamy hash, sweet floral and pine flavors this high THC bud is an amazingly relaxing time. The high is exhilarating and motivating in comparison to most hardline indicas.

Genetic Cross: Bubba Kush S1 Phenotype

THC: 27.52% | CBD: 0.08% | CBGa: 0.73% | Total Cannabinoids: 32.13% (Indica) Was $12/g

Nelson & Co - Dogwalker, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

A Portland cannabis staple, Dogwalker OG's sticky, resin encased buds are ripe and ready for a stroll! Rich layers of sour funk and skunky wood emanate profusely from this providing an intensely focused yet relaxed high. Goes down smooth and takes a second to creep up into an immense calm that is surprisingly easy to get work done in. Bred by a Portland native and grown here in PDX, everything about these nugs are what PNW weed has become known for. This is likely to become a favorite of yours as well, as it is one of ours!

Genetic Cross: Albert Walker OG x Chemdawg 91

Top Terpenes: B-Nerilodol (0.88%),o-Limonene (0.53%),, B-Caryophyllene (0.48%)

THC: 24.59% | CBD: 0.08% | Total Cannabinoids: 28.67% | Total Terpenes: 2.53% (Indica Hybrid) Was $13/g