Little House Foods - CYOC Olive Oil *Was $23*

A touch of Little House Infused Olive Oil is all it takes to turn everyday dishes into something special. Pair with a favorite salad, or try a new pesto recipe; each farmers market will become a new opportunity to experiment. Dinner party competitions highly encouraged! Strain-specific. (learn more)

Click this product for a video recipe of an infused Vegan Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Total THC per bottle: 43.6mg

Little House Foods - CYOC Ghee, butter *Was $23*

Ghee has a long history in Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cooking. The nutty flavor and healing properties make it a cooking staple for any canna cook. Why not add a little kick to your favorite dishes? It's so easy to include infused Ghee Butter into your favorite desserts or breakfasts, just spread it on bread for a quick grilled cheese sandwich...or whatever your fancy!

Total THC: 45.5mg

Little House Foods - CaraMellower Caramel *Was $7*

This CaraMellower uses only five simple ingredients. Their signature, clean-tasting cannabutter, cream, sugar, refined cane syrup and locally sourced Bitterman’s Flake sea salt. They lovingly cut and wrap the caramels by hand before placing them in child-safe packaging. They use the highest quality, natural ingredients, with no added preservatives.

1 piece / THC: 9.92mg

She Don’t Know - C’est La Herb Crackers *Was $25*

A crisp buttery cracker made with quality ingredients including Bob’s Red Mill Rice Flour, Darigold Butter and Herb De Provence. The crackers are finished with Maldon Flake Sea Salt, making them beautiful, delicious and gluten-free. This is one of the few edibles out there that takes edibles in a salty direction and does an amazing job of using the flavor of cannabis as an enhancing herb. (learn more)

These cannabis crackers are great for those who are looking for an edible without loading on the sugar content. Micro-dosed at 5mg per serving, this is a great product for those who have a low tolerance, looking to get a specific dosage, or those with a moderate tolerance that like to munch on a delicious snack.

10 pieces / THC per piece: 5mg

Periodic Edibles - Sea Salt Caramel *Was $12*

About Periodic Edibles: Periodic focuses solely on producing cannabis caramels made with strain specific canna-butter and canna-coconut oil as their infusion method. These infusions methods ensure all the cannabinoids transfer to the end edible product. All of thier Caramels are hand made in an Oregon Department of Agriculture certified commercial kitchen. (learn more)

One of the more affordable edibles with a generous helping of THC, over 40mg per piece. This Sativa sea salt caramel is also made with homemade canna-butter, which generally hits you with a heavier high for longer. For the caramel-canna enthusiast in you!

1 piece / THC: 43.0mg (Sativa)

Leif Goods - Mint Hibiscus Choco Bar 1:1 *Was $25*

About Leif's Goods: Leif's Goods infuses their chocolate with Rick Simpson Oil which provides a more full-flower effect. At Leif's Goods, we are thoughtful about eating organic, natural and unprocessed foods, and know that cannabis consumption should be no different. This is why we pay close attention to the quality and nature of the ingredients we choose to include in our products. We always use whole foods void of preservatives, coloring, high fructose corn syrup or mystery ingredients. Everything we put into our chocolate bars is responsibly sourced to be fair trade, organic whenever they can be, and as sustainable as possible. Keep in mind edibles can take longer to come into full effect and can also by 3 - 5 times more psychoactive than inhaling cannabis. (learn more)

This 66% organic dark chocolate is mixed with Seely Farms peppermint oil and dusted with hibiscus flower. With a level amount of both THC and CBD, this is can be a great product for someone who is looking for a more balanced combination of intoxication and relief. The combination of refreshing Oregon-grown mint, sweet dark chocolate and the tart brightness of organic hibiscus flower exhibits a high quality gourmet chocolate. This chocolate bar is dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and made with 100% organic fair-trade and vegan certified chocolate.

THC: 44.0 mg / CBD: 53.0 mg

Leif Goods - Classic Double Choco Bar *Was $25*

This is a 66% double dark chocolate bar that offers a simple, yet rich flavor with a crunch of cacao nibs. This bar is for the purist interested in simple, amazing, and organic chocolate with a slight crunch from superfood cacao. This chocolate bar is organic, dairy-free, wheat-free, fairtrade, and non-GMO.

Leifs Goods infuses their chocolate with Rick Simpson Oil which provides a more full-flower effect. Being dominant in THC, this can be a great product for someone who is looking for a heavier intoxicating high.

THC: 42.0mg / CBD: 2.8mg