10% off storewide, let it snow!

Brace yourself, winter is here! Time to endure the cold by snuggling into your blankets and heating up some delicious drinks. Let us weather (pun intended) the rain and frost to bring you quality products at the most affordable prices!

Enter coupon code FROSTYKUSH in the coupon box at checkout to redeem. Offer does not stack with other coupons.

$10 off when you buy Gold tier flower!

As flower enthusiast and connoisseurs, our passion for finding and sharing some of the best indoor strains that the Oregon market has to offer knows no bounds. We love to share this passion with you and help you enjoy top shelf flower for an affordable price. That's why through the end of the year you can enjoy $10 off the most pretty and potent flower that we have available.

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Rules and Instructions
*Order Gold flower*
*Enter coupon at checkout page*
*Receive amazing flower for an equally amazing price*
*28 gram daily limit for flower purchases (Rec & OMMP) and can not be combined with other coupons*

Featured farm coming soon!

Extra 20% off for OMMP patients

We want to give back to those who need this wonderful plant most, and work with you to find your desired result. Through the end of the year we are offering OMMP patients 20% off storewide.

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Our most recent POS update broke our medical tax classification, so our system won't realize that you are medical. Just leave us a friendly reminder saying "medical" in the notes section at checkout and we will ring your order correctly and send you a new order total. Thank you for your patience while we fix this issue!

Coupon Rules and Instructions
*Medical card or number must be uploaded to profile*
*Upload medical card expiration date*
*Medical card has to be issued in Oregon*
*Medical card must not be expired*

For those who would like to become a medical patient and could potentially benefit from the medicinal use of cannabis please click here to learn more.

Learn more about requirements for a acquiring a medical card. Click here to apply for an OMMP card
Standard fee is $200 (excluding doctor visitation fee), but some may qualify for additional assistance if you have SNAP, OHP, SSI or are a veteran. Additional fee information can be found here.