WLE, Blue Dream x Rude Louise WPR, Was $30

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Blue dream is a classic fan favorite and pairing it with Rude Louise makes it that much better. This combo gives off a sweet floral aroma that tends to fight anxiety, inflammation and a bad mood. This hybrid packs a nice balance of uplifting, euphoric effects that are sure to treat you right.
1 gram

Cultivar: Phresh Cannabis

THC: 76.60%

WLE, Sour Diesel Shatter Was 33

Sour diesel is a flavor blast of lemony citrus delight, one taste will remind you of a fresh glass of lemonade on a warm sunny day. The effects complement the taste with uplifting, energetic, heady euphoria that can get the creative juices flowing. Great for day time use when you have a long to-do list and want to make things a little more interesting!
1 gram

Cultivar: Oregon Greens

THC: 76.30% CBD: 0.31%

WLE, Bianca Shatter, Was $33

Bianca is a cross between white widow and white queen that leaves the consumer equally sedated and happy. A deep inhale will fill your nose with a pungent hashy aroma . This strain is great for that time of day when it's just you, the couch, and some much needed relief.
1 gram

Cultivar: Emerald Valley Growers

THC: 70.30 %

WLE, Blue Squared Honeycomb, Was $30

An excellent extraction that packs a potent punch, this Blue Squared honeycomb is amazing for low-temperature dabbing and twaxing.

1 gram

Cultivar: WLE

THC: 76.22% (Hybrid)

WLE, Country fair Honeycomb, *Was $30*

An excellent extraction that packs spicy, piney flavor that is sure to delight, this Blue Squared honeycomb is amazing for low-temperature dabbing and twaxing. With high concentrations of terpenes Beta -Caryophyllene and pinene it's said to offer powerful anti inflammatory effects, reduce alcohol cravings, and lift your mood to cloud 9.

1 gram

Cultivar: WLE

THC: 76.50% (Hybrid)

WLE, Green C. CBD WPR, Pull-n-Snap, Was $30

This golden beauty delivers a delicious flavor profile of hops and pine that are reminiscent of a crisp IPA . With a 2 to 1 CBD to THC ratio and a terpene profile that is high in pinene, Green crack is said to deliver a balanced energetic and focused high that can be great for creative or active endeavors. The CBD keeps this strain from educing anxiety. If you need an extra boost while writing, painting, or hiking this is the strain for you!
1 gram

Cultivar: Kings Cannabis

THC: 26.66% CBD: 46.37%