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WLE - Green Dream NR Pull-n-Snap, Was $20

White Label takes pride in only putting out their very best concentrates. They have been actively partnering with local farms to produce pristine oil for several years to provide quality product for the Oregon cannabis market.

The lineage of Green Dream is an interesting combination of three completely different strains so the effect is quite centered in the hybrid spectrum. Widely recorded the be Green Crack and Blue Dream, the latter parent is reported by the creator Aficionado Seeds as actually being Vishnu Kush (Blue Dream x Hindu Kush). The addition of Hindu Kush adds an extra level of complexity to the flavor and an addition of indica effects. The aroma is something else on this strain! Floral, sweet and surprisingly ginger rise up quickly off the wax paper to meet your nose. Expect a euphoric and relaxed pairing of effects soon after exhaling this vaporized extract.
1 gram

Cultivator: BG Family Farms

Genetic Cross: Green Crack x Vishnu Kush

Top Terpenes: B-Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, a-Pinene

THC: 65.90% | CBD:0.24% (Hybrid)

WLE - Citrus Sap NR, Was $25

Here we have Citrus Sap, a well balance cerebral forward cross of two strains made by well known breeders and growers, DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms. As for the parents, Tangie provides a stoney wanderlust influence while the GG #4 hits you with a mental and body buzz that will keep you active. The Citrus Sap oil itself is like the flesh of a golden peach and tastes of classic tangie orange rind. Upon exhale, a pungent gas and earthy undertone mixes with the orange aromatics and fill the room.
1 gram

Cultivator: BG Family Farms

Genetic Cross: GG#4 x Tangie

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene, a-Bisobolol

THC: 65.51% | CBD:0% | Terpenes: 6.25% (Sativa Hybrid)

WLE - Fruit 'N' Fuel Honeycomb Was $25

An excellent BHO extraction that packs a potent punch of blood orange and diesel, this Fruit 'N' Fuel honeycomb is amazing for low-temperature dabbing and twaxing. Feel free to spread it on top of your favorite bowl of flower for an extra kick of melty goodness.

1 gram

Cultivar: White Label Extracts

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene, Valencene

THC: 79.02% | CBD: 0.28% | Total Cannabinoids: 90.91% | Total Terpenes: 2.41% (Hybrid)

WLE - Pure Kush x GG#4 Honeycomb, Was $37

Here we have an unnamed cross of Pure Kush x GG #4, which creates a potent blend that keeps you uplifted with the high limonene content yet gently lowers you into the couch. This stoney cross is perfect for zoning out to help you get into reading a book or playing games. When vaporizing this extract, you'll taste a tang of lemon and fresh hash with background flavors of pine and citral wood.
1 gram

Cultivator: King's Cannabis

Top Terpenes: Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Terpineol

THC: 69.01% | CBD:0% (Hybrid)

WLE - Golden Pineapple WPR Pull-n-Snap, Was $30

Golden Pineapple has quickly become an Oregon favorite by consumers and growers alike for it's potent smell, relaxing sativa effect as well as high yields filled with giant kolas. You'll find the dominant aroma to be various terpinenes that produce a intoxicating citral wood smell that is nearly the same smell as turpentine. While not overtly pineapple in flavor, you will still have your mouth watering after unwrapping this extract. While mouth watering to sniff and uplifting to dab at first, the remaining high is closer to a relaxing hybrid in effect with terpinolene producing a calming effect when vaporized in large quantities.
1 gram

Cultivator: NUGZ

Genetic Cross: Golden Goat x Pineapple Kush

Top Terpenes: Terpinolene, B-Caryophyllene, Terpineol

THC: 67.50% | CBD: 0.30% | Total Cannabinoids: 77.63% | Terpenes: 5.86% (Hybrid)

WLE -Heatwave x Sidetracked Honeycomb, Was $30

Here we have an unnamed cross of Heatwave x Sidetracked, will help you stay sidetracked during this heatwave! Sidetracked is a wonderful blend of citrus to keep you awake and your head distracted while the gaseous Heatwave provides an extra punch. This honeycomb came out to an awesome THC level (80.12%) that is ready to knock your socks off.
1 gram

Cultivator: Oregon Cannabis Authority

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, Valence, Nerolidol

THC: 80.12% | CBD:0% | Terpenes: 2.69% (Hybrid)

WLE -Sour Banana Sherbert x Chernobyl HC, Was $37

Are you a big fan of a fruity hybrids? This might be the right strain for you! The longer you take a whiff of this crumble the more notes of the lineage will become apparent. At first you get the candied banana, then as you continue some citral wood from the Chernobyl and at the end a hint of the rich sherbert come into play. This combo offers a high that will match whichever mode you happen to be, whether it be energetic or a more relaxed state of mind.
1 gram

Cultivator: King's Cannabis

Top Terpenes: Terpinolene, Terpineol, B-Myrcene

THC: 72.18% | CBD:0.31% | Terpenes: 3.59% (Hybrid)

WLE - Rude Boi, NR Pull-n-Snap, Was $27

This indica leaning hybrid is a good mid-day smoke and was even bred here locally in Portland by Archive Seedbank. This extract provides a unique hashy, lavender taste that leaves the body relaxed but not enough to leave you on the floor. A pleasant ride if you’re trying to cruise on by for the rest of your day.
1 gram

Cultivar: Chronic Cultures

Genetic Cross: Irene OG x Face Off OG Bx1

THC: 62.20% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 71.40% (Indica-Hybrid)

Claywolf - Blissful Kush, Live Resin, Was $35

About Claywolf: Claywolf is a veteran owned company that specializes in producing high quality Cannabis extracts. They focus on developing their Flavor Wheel so that customers can properly identify the terpene profiles that are most beneficial to them. Claywolf is setting new standards for the optimal cannabis experience through innovative extraction methods, terpene management, and attractive packaging. Thier methods of extraction allow everyone, even someone who is new to cannabis, the ability to taste the full flavor of each strain, letting them fully appreciate all of the magic this beautiful plant has to offer. (learn more)

Grown by Blissful Botnicals and extracted by Claywolf, this live resin will leave you with a vibrant feeling that is too good to pass up. Filled with cannabinoids that will activate happy, euphoric feelings followed by endless laughter. Not to mention its exhilarating flavor of apple pie followed by a smooth buttery exhale when dabbed at low temperature. Only top quality material could make such an enjoyable product. Get ready for a blissful experience!
1 gram

Cultivar: Blissful Botanicals

Genetic Cross: Mystery Kush x Pure Kush x Critical Kush

THC: 64.17%, CBD: 0.13% (Indica-Hybrid)

Claywolf - Sherbert Pull-n-Snap, Was $27

Hot deals for oil day! All concentrates are at least 40% off and some are more!
With a nutty Girl Scout cookie flavor and a generous terpene content, the Sherbert BHO pull and snap is a rare hybrid that started its entire name-related family. Decidedly Indica dominant, this strain is often associated with a sedating body high that has been known to last well beyond a few dabs. Don’t expect much energizing sativa action with Sherbert, but this concentrate can have a very mellow uplifting buzz that could be best for melting away some anxiety and stress.
1 gram

Genetic Cross: GSC x Pink Panties

THC: 67.55% | CBD: 0.13% | Total Cannabinoids: 80.51% (Indica-Hybrid)

Claywolf - Blue Zkittlez, Sugar Sauce, Was $30

Hot deals for oil day! All concentrates are at least 40% off and some are more!
Are you ready to taste the rainbow? Blue Zittles from Claywolf has a vibrant sweet, citrusy, earthy smell to it. Best dabbed at low temperature to ensure a flavorful experience. It is a cross of Blue Diamond and Zkittlez, ready relieve you after a long workday. This sugar sauce will leave you with a mellow happy high, while also providing relaxation to your body. Enjoy!
1 gram

Genetic Cross: Blue Diamond + Zkittles

THC: 67.24%, CBD: 0.14% (Indica)

Claywolf - Rocky Dennis Pull-n-Snap, Was $27

Hot deals for oil day! All concentrates are at least 40% off and some are more!
A seriously terpene rich hybrid cross, Claywolf’s Rocky Dennis BHO pull and snap has an enticing sour patch kids aroma and some serious diesel flavor swirled into the mix. Some users may find that the well-balanced hybrid might give a very functional buzz, suited for active dabbers wanting a more energizing concentrate experience. Waves of euphoria often are associated with this strain, and the pungent kick of this shatter will please any concentrate connoisseurs palate.
1 gram

Genetic Cross: Flo x Sour Dubble

THC: 66.3% | Total Cannabinoids: 77.4 (Hybrid)

Claywolf - Trainwreck, Sugar Sauce Was $30

Hot deals for oil day! All concentrates are at least 40% off and some are more!
Choo Choo! Whos ready to jump on board the relaxation train? Trainwreck, a Northern Californian staple, has stationed itself at the Kush Cart HQ and is ready to take on new passengers. This sugar sauce from Claywolf has a floral aroma and euphoric high that leaves people feeling happy and relaxed, taking away the soreness of the daily grind. Sit back and enjoy the creative juices as they flow on this wonderful ride.
1 gram

Genetic Cross: Mexican x Thai x Afghani

THC: 66.4% (Hybrid)

KARMA - Dawgwalker 1 gram Pearl Indica Was $25

Dogwalker Pearl is back! Prized for the strain’s versatile effects, has made its way onto our menu yet again! But this time with a few extra perks. A 1 gram bundle of Dogwalker flower, dipped in distillate, and rolled in Gorilla Walker kief! This unique Pearl is great for social gatherings or a special treat for yourself. If you’re looking to sink in and get stoney for the rest of the night, try this bad boy!

1 Gram: 0.35g flower, 0.5g concentrate, 0.15g keif

THC: 27.31% (Indica)

KARMA - Valley Girl, 1 gram Pearl, Sativa, Was $22

Karma has come through with a new standard in concentrate-infused flower, and these Pearls are some of the finest examples of the legendary moon rocks on the market. 0.35 grams of top-shelf flower is soaked in a half gram of premium THC distillate all the way down to stem, then rolled in dry-ice kief to form a super bud that has reached maximum ripeness. Expect a strong high to set in quickly, as the potent THC content and terpenes of the three cannabis mediums come together. Small amounts of the Valley Girl Pearl, a balanced hybrid cross of SFV OG and Face Off OG, can be used to top a bowl, add to a joint, or spice up a bong hit, taking your THC experience to a whole new level.

1 Gram: 0.35g flower, 0.5g concentrate, 0.15g keif

THC: 22.96% | CBD: 0.08% (Sativa)

KARMA - Monkey Balls, 1 gram Pearl Indica, Was $25

Talk about a heavy hitter! No monkeying around here. If you’re ready to chill out and relax, feel free to enjoy this tasty treat. Best enjoyed towards the end of a long day. Cheers! This is a 1 gram bundle of Monkey Balls flower, dipped in pure distillate, and rolled in Samoa Cookies kief! This unique Pearl is great for social gatherings or a special treat for yourself. You've got to try this out!

1 Gram: 0.35g flower, 0.5g concentrate, 0.15g keif

THC: 27.01% (Indica)