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Pruf Cultivar - Divine Lemon, Sativa, Indoor

Divine Lemon has all the marks of a true uplifting, sativa flower. Long stretched, slightly purple buds denote its haze lineage along with the intense lemon pine candy scent that comes through, with even a hint of mint when you begin to break it up. The high is a light buzz throughout your body that will wake you up without creating intense mental pressure that will leave you unable to think or create paranoid thoughts like one might expect from a haze. Unless of course you smoke more than you normally would!
Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Lemon Jack x Tangerine Haze

Top Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Limonene, Ocimene

Harvest Date: 1/04/19

THC: 17.0% | CBD: 0.08% | CBGa: 2.43% | Total Cannabinoids: 21.9% | (Sativa)

Pruf Cultivar - Tangerine Jack, Sativa, Indoor

Tangerine Jack is a cross of the famous Jack Herer with an unknown Tangerine strain such as Tangerine Haze. This strain is unique to the Pruf Cultivar garden and lends itself well to the Jack lineage with the classic lemon, pine and the unmistakable creamy fuel background notes that linger while having a bit more punch at first with a heavier citrus beginning. The high is energizing and very sativa forward and not too much THC to completely leave you unable to think straight for the rest of the day.
Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Jack Herer x Unknown
Top Terpenes: Terpinolene (0.94%), a-Pinene(0.51%), b-Pinene(0.31%)

Harvest Date: 09/25/18

THC: 18% | THCVa: 1.6% | Total Cannabinoids: 23.9% | Top Terpenes: 3.29% (Sativa) Was $6/g

William Cannabis Co - Durban Trainwreck, Sativa, Outdoor

Durban Trainwreck is among William Cannabis Companies unique line of cultivars and has the distinct smell to match. You'll find the sweet herbaceous smell from the Durban parentage while the Trainwreck adds a layer of lemon and spice. The combined high is slightly racy cerebral high that takes a minute to build to it's maximum potential so take a minute between bowls if you are smoking multiple.

Genetic Cross: Durban Poison x Trainwreck

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, a-Pinene, Limonene

Harvest Date: 10/11/18

THC: 23.89% | CBD: 0% | CBGa: 2.43% | Total Cannabinoids: 28.7% | Terpenes: 4.13 (Sativa)

Pruf Cultivar - Strawberry Cough, Sativa, Indoor

Strawberry Cough is a legendary plant here, and another resident in Pruf's core line up. Massive power, clear pronounced terpene profile, laden with notes of strawberry, orange and dough. It’s exceedingly low myrcene, broad array of limonene, massive caryophyllene, and dash of linalool create a shimmering distinctive profile and high that are quite rare.
Clean Green Certified

Genetic Cross: Erdbeer x Unknown Indica

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene, Limonene , Humulene

Harvest Date: 11/15/18

THC: 16.5% | CBD: 0.08% | Total Cannabinoids: 19.8% | Top Terpenes: 1.68% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $8/g

Ascent Farms - Banner, Sativa Hybrid, Outdoor

Otherwise known as Bruce B, Banner is a heavenly concoction of sour strawberry and gasoline doused on freshly cut wood aromas. While OG Kush is one of the parents, this is not a couch lock strain. The fuel goes strain to your head with a very enjoyable, happy cerebral high. While the head and mind are the dominantly effected area, OG does come in with a light body elevation to loosen up the muscles.

Genetic Cross: Strawberry Diesel x OG Kush

Top Terpenes: Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Myrcene

THC: 22.9% | CBD: 0% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.2% (Sativa Hybrid) Was $5/g

William Cannabis Co - Fruity Tootie, Hybrid, Outdoor

Fruity Tootie by William Cannabis Company is reminiscent of the age old mixed candied fruits flavor that we all know from our childhood. When cracking open these buds, you'll find a rising aroma of lemon, tropical fruits, bubblegum and spice that sativa lovers will find mouth watering. The high in itself is a hit to the head with pressure and brings an added boost of motivation to the day.

Genetic Cross: Blue Haze x Sour Diesel Haze x Green Haze x Thai x Diesel Ryder by Flash Seeds

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, Ocimene (Isomer II), B-Caryophyllene, Limonene

Harvest Date: 10/11/18

THC: 17% | CBD: 0% | CBGa: 2.2% | CBCa: 1.4% | Total Cannabinoids: 22.9% | Total Terpenes: 1.68% (Hybrid)

William Cannabis Co - Penny Lime, Hybrid, Outdoor

Penny Lime is a special cultivar with a 2:1 THC/CBD ratio that can be hard to find. This makes it amazing weed for those who want to get high without fear of becoming anxious or losing your ability to think on the spot. Along with the added benefits, these lime green, chunky nugs give off an aroma of lime, turpentine and, strangely enough, a hint of peanut butter on the back end.

Genetic Cross: Pennywise x Unknown

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, Ocimene (Isomer II), Terpinolene, a-Pinene

Harvest Date: 10/11/18

THC: 11.16% | CBD: 5.04% | CBGA: 2.2% | CBDA: 5.8% | Total Cannabinoids: 21.6% | Total Terpenes: 3.82% (Hybrid)

William Cannabis Co - Black Cherry Peaches, Hybrid, Outdoor

Black Cherry Peaches by William Cannabis Co is unique to their farm and provides a satisfying black cherry and black berry with a sweet stone fruit background reminiscent of apricots or peaches. Among the flavor is a wonderfully spacey high with a slight cerebral pressure. When you need a few laughs in your life, this fruitastic strain will be there to pick you up.

Genetic Cross: Unknown

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, a-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene

Harvest Date: 10/15/18

THC: 18.07% | CBD 0% | CBGa: 1.0% | Total Cannabinoids: 21.5% | Total Terpenes: 2.55% (Hybrid)

Louis Vuchron - Holy Grail Kush, Hybrid, Indoor

As the offspring of multi-award winners OG #18 and Kosher Kush, it’s no surprise that Holy Grail Kush came out on top of many cannabis cupsand is said to have nabbed the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup perfect score in 2011. The aroma of this plant is pure kush and has a strong spicy citrus smell, both while growing and once harvested, that is uniquely complex.

Genetic Cross: OG #18 x Kosher Kush

Top terpenes: N/A

THC: 19.78% | CBD: 0.04% | CBGa: 0.46% | Total Cannabinoids: 23.04% | Total Terpenes: N/A% (Hybrid) Was $5/g

Ascent Farms - Snoops Dream, Indica Hybrid, Outdoor

Snoop Dogg is a hip-hop superstar who has quite a bit of fame in the cannabis community. Given his status, Snoop’s Dream is a strain that has a big name to live up to and this indica-dominant hybrid does not disappoint. Snoop’s Dream is a mix of Blue Dream and Master Kush, which are purportedly two of the rapper’s favorites. Looks-wise, these plants and flowers take after their Blue Dream parent with medium-sized dense buds covered in orange hairs. The taste is where the kush side of this strain shows itself. Sweet blueberry flavors are there with a pine kush aftertaste that takes over. This hybrid has a strong indica side for sure and may make doing any focused task difficult.

Genetic Cross: Blue Dream x Master Kush

Top Terpenes: B-Caryophyllene (0.39%), B-Myrcene(0.38%), Linalool (0.29%)

THC: 22.4% | CBD: 0.% | Total Cannabinoids: 25.6% | Total Terpenes: 1.74% (Indica Hybrid) Was $5/g

Louis Vuchron - Master Kush, Indica, Indoor

Master Kush is a popular indica cross created out of two land-race strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region. During maturation the plant produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell with a hint of incense, which is often described as a vintage flavor. This strain holds a superb balance of full-body relaxation without the mind-numbing effect that many indica strains produce. Instead, Master Kush offers a sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.

Genetic Cross: Two land-race strains from different parts of the Hindu Kush region

Top terpenes: Geranyl Acetate(0.44%), Limonene (0.42%), B-Caryophyllene (0.31%)

THC: 22.77% | CBD: 0.06% | CBGa: 0.71% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.75% | Total Terpenes: 2.69% (Indica) Was $5/g

Herbal Dynamic - Golden Lemons, Indica Hybrid, Indoor

Golden Lemons, as the name suggests, has very lemony vibes combined with a potent relaxing punch of a high. The effects immediately hit the consumer between the eyes, leaving bright, sizzling euphoria in the mind without feeling too worked up. Golden Lemon melts over the body and shows its sedating indica dominant side with heavier consumption. Along with the Lemon Skunk citrus notes you'll immediately find an intoxicating aroma of pine sol, and a background of musty funky earth that comes from Kosher Kush.

Genetic Cross: Lemon Skunk x Kosher Kush

Top Terpenes: Limonene (.62%), Myrcene (.61%), Linalool (.38%)

THC: 22.53% | CBD: 0.07% | CBGa: 0.57% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.4% | Total Terpenes: 2.76%s (Indica Hybrid) Was $9/g

Louis Vuchron - Critical Kush, Indica, Indoor

Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm is a mostly indica strain that blends together two famed cannabis staples, Critical Mass and OG Kush. Aromatic notes of cheese and spice usher in a calming sensation that relaxes the mind and body.

Genetic Cross: Critical Mass x OG Kush

Top terpenes: N/A

THC: 20.64% | CBD: 0.04% | CBGa: 0.54% | Total Cannabinoids: 24.15% (Indica) Was $5/g

William Cannabis Co - Glueberry, Indica, Outdoor

Glueberry, also known as Glueberry OG, by Williams Canna Co. is the perfect end of the work day flower. It's above average THC levels will assure a strong experience but it's really the terpene levels that set this strain apart. With over 5% total terpenes this is the perfect flower to illustrate the enhanced effects that are produced by the entourage effect. With hints of lemon blueberries and the distinct gorilla glue chocolate hash notes that hit the nose this will immediately excite the mind while simultaneously soothing the body and quickly become one of your new favorites.

Genetic Cross: (Gorilla Glue x OG Kush) x Blueberry by Dutch Passion

Top Terpenes: Myrcene, a-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene

Harvest Date: 10/11/18

THC: 22.19% | CBD: 0% | CBGa: 0.9% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.2% | Total Terpenes: 5.171% (Indica Hybrid)

Fire Creek Farms- Nepalese Kush, Indica, Greenhouse

Otherwise known as Nepali OG or Nepal Kush, Nepalese Kush is a heavy duty indica and extremely fast acting. It hits hard and immediately creates the indica trademark effect – a soaring body buzz, which is followed by a serious couch lock. Wonderful OG funk and earthy fragrance comes off these solid, rock hard nugs which coats your mouth with its delicious aromatics.

Genetic Cross: Hindu Kush x Nepal IBL

THC: 22.5% | CBD: 0.% | Total Cannabinoids: 23.75% (Indica) Was $6/g